Personal Injury

Years of jury trial experience and settlement of hundreds of personal injury claims give Justin J. Wyatt & Associates the expertise to handle your injury lawsuit. We know what information insurance companies have a right to see and what they do not have a right to see. If your claim is not settled within 60 days after sending your settlement offer to the insurance company, we will file a lawsuit in court. We work with investigators and medical experts to demonstrate the true extent of your damages and maximize the award you deserve.

Personal injury litigation and claims have drastically changed in the last few years. Many insurance companies completely discount any medical care for treatment when negotiating settlements. With our experience and extensive research on recent settlements and verdicts, we can competently determine the value of a personal injury claim/case and maximize the ultimate proceeds to the client.

For over 15 years, we have handled over 1,000 personal injury claims and filed lawsuits for over 100 clients. Insurance companies, adjusters, and insurance defense attorneys recognize and respect our ability and experience to maximize the value of your case. Many attorneys claim to practice personal injury law. However, they are only legal brokers. All they do is forward cases to attorneys who do the actual work. If we feel we are not qualified and experienced enough to handle your case, we will honestly refer your patient to an attorney who is.

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