Superior courts in all counties in the State of Georgia issue a standing order that all divorce cases must enter into mediation before a final hearing can be scheduled. The idea is to attempt to get the parties to reach an agreement, thereby avoiding a trial. At trial, a stranger – the judge – makes significant decisions that will govern your family and your financial situation and may drastically change your ownership of your personal property.

Mediation is used to get the parties to prioritize so that both are reasonably satisfied with the outcome. No party in a divorce gets absolutely everything they want in their agreement, and mediation is the first step to identifying what matters most. While mediation can save time and money, never forget that any deal reached is legally binding. Therefore, divorcing couples should each be represented by an experienced divorce attorney who has worked with skilled mediators and can protect the client’s best interests.

Any reasonable divorce attorney will tell you that reaching an agreement through mediation is usually best for both parties. In addition to saving money, mediation can also save you the stress of not knowing how your divorce agreement will be structured if left to the judge in your case.