Have Faith Not Fear ~ The Gift of Grace

Here at Wyatt Law Group, our clients are more than just people, they are family. This poem, written by a past client, embodies the spirit and enthusiasm of this family. We are dedicated to continually working with and for our clients at every step of their lives.

Live, Laugh, Learn, and Pray

Do Not Let Fear Get in the Way

Words to Cherish and to Trust

Each and Every Glorious Day ~ A Must

With Each New Dawn, A Shiny Gift

Greet Each with a Smile to Give You a Lift

Have Faith, Not Fear and You Will Be Blessed

With Contentment and Joy You Could Never Have Guessed

Live Unafraid, Be True to Your Heart

Be Honest and Open Right from the Start

If Everyone Did as Told to Do

Live for Others, and Then, You Too

Imagine a World Without Regret

About as Close to Heaven as We Can Get

This Message is Simple, Straightforward, and True

It was Written for Everyone; It was Given to You.

Written by Marilyn Otero
2017, The Soulful Touch