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Solutions to Child Custody Scheduling Nightmares

Solutions to Child Custody Scheduling Nightmares

More children are subject to co-parenting arrangements than ever before. Whether parents are divorced, separated, or have always been single, when it comes to child custody arrangements, communication and organization are key factors. Many disputes arise when emails remain unanswered, phone calls are not returned, and key appointments are missed. Ultimately, the children are the ones who suffer most. Setting aside differences and placing the children first should be the mutual goal of parents, whether they are married or not.

Today, technology offers tools that can make creating a parenting plan and keeping tabs on your kids’ busy schedules simple. Free tools like Google Docs and Google Calendar are convenient but if security and confidentiality are a concern, there are subscription services that lock up your information more securely. Additionally, cloud based software and calendar apps can also be used for keeping track of your divorce case as it winds its way to the final agreement. Our Family Wizard is one such product. With features that include a calendar, an expense log, a message board, a journal, and what they call an info bank – to share critical information like your children’s immunization records – almost every aspect of custody, visitation, and your divorce case can be tracked. Many family law practitioners as well as judges endorse programs like this and some even require clients to use one. If you’re looking for a way to improve communication with your child’s other parent,  Our Family Wizard is not the only option out there. Others include Custody X Change,, and  Custody Junction.

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